Oneway Lathes- Using modern design principles ONEWAY considered all aspects of power and ergonomic requirements for today's turning environments when designing their lathes and accessories.

Some Interesting Places

Steam Powered Sawmill- Hull-Oakes Lumber is the last steam-powered commercial saw mill in the USA, and they're one of the few mills capable of cutting large timbers up to 85' long. The mill has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1996.

Well worth a look!

Maurice Franklin, Woodturner- who was born upstairs above his shop in 1920, and has been working at his lathe since 1933 when he began his apprenticeship. Now at ninety-three years old, being in semi-retirement, Maurice comes in a few days each week, in the early hours to work from four or five, until eight or nine in the morning, or whenever he fancies exercising his remarkable talent at wood turning.

Historic Granville Bowl Mill- their first mill was built over 150 years ago and is still in business today. Over its lifetime, more wooden bowls have been produced in this mill than anywhere else in North America. It is capable of making 100,000 bowls a year!

Holland Bowl Mill- The Holland Bowl Mill opened in 1926 and is still in production. Click to see a Discovery Channel video of the mill in operation... well worth viewing!