a chain hoist is used to lift a 100 lb ambrosia maple block onto the lathe

the 23" diameter ambrosia maple block is ready to spin

the cutting tools I use...

starting to form the outside

a bit more....

a tenon is cut on the bottom... it will be used

to hold the bowl when flipped

a four jaw chuck is attached to the tenon

the bowl is flipped... note the faceplate that was previously holding the bowl

the faceplate is removed...

the inside is hollowed out...

the thick roughed out bowl... now 20" in diameter

...ready for drying...

it is placed in the drying racks for 4-6 months

to dry and stabilize the wood in preparation for the next  step...finishing

... and how I use them to cut

and shape the wood

hollowing out the inside of the bowl

almost finished....

First Stage- roughing out the bowl